Sep 18 2018 OctoPack Battler Sample Project Bug Fixes

It seems there's a miscommunication on the purpose of the fail safes. The fail safes aren't meant to be used as a reason to not properly set up the game. Instead, they are supposed to alert devs of the things they should not be doing. Instead of promoting this, there will now be an error message and halt the game until it is fixed properly.

  • Weapon Swap: Error message occurs if you do not have your weapon types set up properly if you do a battle test.
  • OTB: Error message occurs if you try to run a Force Action during turn 0. Process your Force Actions during turn 1.
  • Sample Project: Amputation and Rehabilitation skills now target properly. Level 35 random encounter now plays properly.


OctoPack Battler Sample Project 161 MB
Sep 18, 2018
Plugin File Only 339 kB
Sep 18, 2018

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